Are you ready for Carry On Jatta 2?

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1st June 2018! The wait isn’t very far from experiencing one of the most hilarious rom-com Punjabi sequels. Gippy Grewal is back with a bang! The title track has already surpassed 4 lakh views within a span of 6 hours? Yes. That’s true. Believe it or not.

The first sequel saw a blockbuster where Jass falls in love with Mahie who is persistent on marrying an orphan. He somehow manages to convince her by lying to her about his family. Will Jass’ family learn about his unfaithful plan? A typical rom-com story with elements of cut throat laughter binges,backed by a revamped industry popular for its off the hook releases throughout.

Yes! All of our mama jis look like gippy Grewal!

It’s very unlikely of Smeep Kang the director of the Carry On Jatta sequel to release the title track before releasing a trailer for the movie whose next sequel is on the verge of release after 6 years. The title track has taken all on a roller coaster ride having famous dialogues from its first sequel adding on to the quirkiness of the excitement levels beyond mayhem.



A roller coaster you see?


Are you guys ready  to experience the unveiling of a catastrophic belly tickling experience on a silver screen? It’s right around the corner. The only disappointment might be the replacement of Mahie Gill by Sonam Bajwa who is no less than a sensation but might not just fit into the style as the first sequel?



Countdown begins!

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