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This is what ads should do. They should communicate a whole image. They should uphold. They should create a new philosophy.

It is so uplifting. A large man finds himself important in his peer group. Large girls find themselves strutting in style. Without worrying about their sizes anymore. Humans come in sizes. Get over the eight pack and size zero mentality here and now. Wear appropriate clothes and go live it up.

What’s appropriate as fashion?

Let’s see Indian ladies fashion first. Women of any size won’t go wrong with Salwar Kameez and Sarees. Just won’t happen. Until they do not know how to drape sarees. An uncle of mine had once corrected a drape of the saree my cousin had worn in Victoria memorial in Kolkata, beneath a tree. She had turned elegant right there. She was till then walking holding up the saree in one hand. Draping is everything. The wife is a genius at draping I found. Probably because she had to wear sarees to college. She brings in her sandals and then starts the process of draping. And she manages to make a simple taant saree an awesome garment at the end.
Then you have the kurti – jeans, skirt – top and even the Palazzo – top look that works well with anyone provided the combinations are correct. I have always told people to look at comfort first because that enables happiness of the mind. That enables smiles and then the outfit gets classier right away.

The useless fashions like leggings and jeggings and whatever else do not sit well with many women. That’s not fashion. I wish to see more women wearing linen pants and shirts. Should happen soon. Linen works so well on women.

Men have reached a pause in fashion. The facial nonsense is going through it’s routine. It will be over one day. Men with tummies need to have a new look. The tummy over belt look has run it’s course. Jackets have to be reinvented. There has to be summer jackets possible. It has to make it’s way into offices. They have to be better priced. Large men look so much better with jackets. The half sleeved shirt has to come alive again. Maybe with a middle cut at the back. Indian men still keep things in their breast pockets. Make them bigger. It can become a rage. In colours. With linen pants or Khakis or even jeans.

And why not hats again? Make such a difference to a style quotient.

Large people are starting to have the best time of their life again.

Only please don’t try the kala chashma moves on the floor. It’s awful !

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