Hungry Men

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Hungry men. What do they do when the food possibilities are low. They hunt. I hunted too. In the kitchen. The voice behind me kept saying “what are you searching for”?

It dawned to me that the question itself is very philosophical. From behind. “What are you searching for”?
One could say – food. One could say – happiness. One could say – money. Or like Feroze Khan on shimmery filmy night – love.

In the last case, I am guaranteed a flying object, preferably in plastic. It hurts less. Ceramic or steel in the kitchen is normally going to hurt more. So, my computer see tez dimaag says not to say such things. Not logical too. Opening refrigerator and saying love.

In the third case, I am again guaranteeing that she will then ask me to get back to my work. Because that will or may bring money. Not by lurking around the kitchen at unfair hours.

In the second case, she will challenge my entire concept of happiness. First thing she will say is “see, I leave you be to do your own stuff, that in itself is happiness.” Can’t deny. Netflix binges. Those books. How many men can really do that. But to tell that in the kitchen, I may receive an answer like “so dinner is a sandwich today”. Gaya re!

In the first case and that’s most logical, she is tolerating. Hunger pangs arise because of other factors that humans haven’t really studied. It arises due to inner excitement, due to some wire to the brain malfunctioning and so sending wrong information about when last eaten. Stuff like that.

More research is needed. Whenever I tried to research or process my hunger, I gave up and just ate. Simple.
I broke open a looking like Murukku packet. I put in the first piece into my mouth. It was tomato flavoured. I asked Missus if she knew she’d bought tomato sticks. She quickly had one from the packet. Argghh!
When life gives you tomatoes, grin and bear it.
Or cook a soup and put it in, for the heck of it.
Or don’t do anything. Don’t even grin.

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