Jack Ryan is here on Amazon Prime from August 10th!

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Jack Ryan is back. And we are creaming our pants again.

Tom Clancy’s best character among all that he has managed to write thus far and trust me, he has written a lot, is this character Jack Ryan. Amazon Prime Video had signed up for this series and it’s an Amazon Original. They have casted John Krasinski as Jack Ryan among some other stellar actors and it promises to be very dishy.

It releases on August 10. We feel it has the potential to go the House of Cards way for Amazon Prime. The rest is up to the marketing team of Amazon Prime. Lately, they have not done a very good job with The Lonely Tower which we thought had a lot of potential.

The race with Netflix should surely hot up with the arrival of Jack Ryan and we will be on the sidelines, seeing what happens.

Though I am actually a bit tired of seeing Yemeni countrysides on screen over and over again.


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