The Sanju Trailer.

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The Sanju Trailer and all that you want to happen in Bollywood

The trailer is out. That’s a nice thing. Otherwise our timelines and Instagram used to be filled by seven Ranbir Kapoor’s trying to be seven Sanjay Dutts every day. Or posters that showed up the Dad or a sister or a lover or something each day.

Well, who does not like Bollywood!

But, the intensity with which the marketing guys were going trying to convert Ranbir into a very much around Sanjay was what’s it called, stifling.

But now the trailer is out. You can first see it here:

Did you see how Sanjay shrieks about his drugs, his womanizing and his arrogance but also says that he was never a terrorist. How he says that again and again?

We can look at it in two ways. Sanjay Dutt spent half his actual life trying to tell everyone who listened that he was not a terrorist or he was, as proven by court and he was jailed for that. And he wants us to forget it. Via a film.

Cute, no?

Ranbir, of course being the earnest Ranbir, does his best. An actor for all seasons, he breathes life into the characters, plural because Sanjay is himself a mix of many characters. Paresh Rawal as the gentle Sunil Dutt is a complete mismatch and that is audible. I waited with bated breath to see the Madhuri Dixit character to come on screen in the trailer. Alas, nothing like that happens. They have mothballed Karishma Tanna for another day, I think.

Anushka is Sanjay’s lawyer friend and Vicky Kaushal is his childhood friend. Both light up the screen in the seconds they get. I believe this will really be the arrival of Vicky Kaushal. After Raazi, this will be his big budget jump.

Rajun Hirani is a brilliant director and so he’s dressed up the hagiographic portions well. But it is a hagiography. Take it Baba!!

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