Veere Di Wedding!

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‘Veere di Wedding’ isn’t a movie, it’s the “fuck it, let’s go to Thailand” version of film making. This is Ekta Kapoor’s chick-flick, and it’s somehow worse than that sounds. It’s clear that the idea of women being sexually active is so scandalous to her that it warrants an A-rating.



In a fair world, this would be the death of Sonam Kapoor’s acting career – her only memorable performances so far are meek cameos. Most of the actors in this film seem to be performing at gun-point – strained expressions, uncomfortable delivery, and a general lack of desire to be part of this.

This movie is so far-removed from reality that it expects us to believe that masturbation is a dark secret and that a lehenga stored for 10 years in an abandoned home will be clean & unscathed.

There are precisely two redeeming aspects in this non-movie:

  1. Cinematography & Production Design – nearly every scene is accidental Wes Anderson, with immaculate framing and set decor. Set decor also includes costume design here because the actors are unwilling props.
  2. Swara Bhaskar’s effortless sass makes hers the only believable and relatable role.



The only way to enjoy this film is to play it muted on a TV that runs in the background so you can glance at it every now and then. I honestly wanted to do a full-fledged review on my blog but I didn’t want to accidentally expend more thought and effort into this than the actual filmmakers did.


1.5/10 avoid this like the plague


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