Who took away the railway bogies?

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Representative picture from India.com

Okay, first read this tweet,

Now, let’s use our brain and find out how things like this could have happened.

I mean, who takes away new;y built bogies from a railway yard.

I call up shady friends in Uttar Pradesh. I get answers or more like theories, here they are:

a. They are a group of rail contractors who did not receive their money from the Railway board.
b. Disgruntled railway catering staff who could not rob their quota of Dal and rice and decided to resort to the biggest heist possible in railways.
c. Naxals, who are jobless these days and had enough time to plan
d. Some big goon cum political leader who decided that the bogies look good in his farm.
e. Someone just sold it for the metal scrap. Kya karein, bogie hi bech dete hain!
f. A college student decided that he would do the mother of all projects, a heist of that sort.
g. Police. They can possibly do anything anywhere.
h. Lawyers. They too can do anything anywhere.
i. Unemployed Engineers. Well, they used their brains, at last.

So, here I am trying to propound these theories and see which one actually works.

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