Haven’t yet recovered your lost phone?

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4TH July 2018! I am down here in the city of joy as they call it killing time with all the energy I have within me. It’s the season of thunder and lightning with water logged roads across the city. You can hardly notice a pot-hole until and unless you become a victim of it which is more likely than ever! The clock ticks slower than usual as there is no feeling of meeting deadlines for me. So I decided to lose my phone!

I’m riding on a bike from point A to point B. At point A, I have a phone. At point B, I do not which makes me believe that it has fallen off on the way. Now what do I do? I’m calling my phone but it says switched off. To put it simply, I have lost my phone and time has stopped!

Google does most of the magic here but there are a few things you need to do and keep as a safety precaution before losing your phone.


Visit the website called find my device and once you login with your google credentials, you will be able to see for yourself the options available to retrieve your phone’s current location. Now this is possible only when your device is working i.e. the device has not been switched off. Click your phone’s name on the left side of the page. This will prompt Find My Device to begin searching for your Android’s location.


In my case, some bastard stole it after I dropped it. So Find My device is not effective for me in this case. I need to look for better options to retrieve my lost phone.


IMEI Number

On the back side of your phone, on the battery you will find an IMEI number written. Please note this number down as soon as you purchase a new phone as this is the only thing which will help you trace back the current location of the phone using IMEI tracker available online or you could file a complaint at the nearest police station where the cyber cell is mostly responsible for cracking down such issues via the IMEI number. You will also find this number at the back side of your phone cover. This works irrespective of whether your phone is powered up or not.


You will find a lot of tips to redeem a lost phone but trust me, IMEI number is the one and only way to retrieve your phone irrespective of its state. I have been able to get back my lost phone with the help of my local police station and I was quite amazed at how they did track down the person using just my phone’s IMEI number.


At the same time there was this feeling of pity for the person who happened to find my phone. He did not look like someone who would do any wrong. Looks are always deceptive though. Even in the wildest of his dreams, I’m sure that he wouldn’t have thought of getting tracked down for picking up a phone from the road.

If you have ever found a lost phone on the road and have decided to keep it, be aware of the consequences or you could just remove the battery. Am I being a hypocrite right now? As I said, looks can be deceptive. Everyone has a hidden mask within!

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