Having Hairfall? Don’t worry!

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Are you having a lot of hairfall and quite afraid that it may all fall out soon? In that case your fear is quite justifiable because hair loss is an issue which not even the renowned doctors can take care of sometimes making them shift to other artificial practices such as hair transplant, stem-cell treatment to name a few.

Balding patterns are quite prevalent throughout the world. Doctors classify them as the type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4 balding patterns. What we don’t understand is that to overcome baldness, taking a few pills or falling prey to some pop cultured marketing gimmick won’t really help us in any way other than shelling out bucks for god knows what. If the root is weak, flowers will keep falling off. A saying which abides to any field leave alone the problem of baldness.

Let us look into the secrets to stop baldness for a lifetime?

The 3 major enemies of the hair follicle are as follows:

  • Poor micro blood circulation
  • Excessive DHT ( Dihydrotestosterone)
  • Production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

If you follow very carefully, you will realize that people who frown a lot in a conversation are more likely to have thick and dense hair than the ones not used to frown and form wrinkles on their forehead. This natural technique helps them retain a proper micro blood circulation throughout the scalp. Without blood reaching the hair follicles properly, hair would eventually get malnourished falling off way before expected.



Another very interesting observation is if you see that hair around our ears and the sides do not usually fall off even till old age whereas the hair in the middle falls off. What could the reason be?

If you give attention to detail, you’ll see that our jaw bones are constantly moving while we are eating, talking. These muscles form a chain with the muscles in the back of our head and above our ears for which there is a constant supply of blood all the time! Micro blood circulation can always be re-established via specific exercising of the frontal and occipital muscles.

People say balding is genetic which is not true. What is genetic is the presence of the 3 enemies which I just mentioned which can be overcome via a set of practices.

Shampoo plays an important role as well. Immediately throw away all the bottles of commercial shampoo which you have and switch to organic shampoos. Commercial shampoos contain this foaming agent and chemicals like SLS and paraben which are extremely harmful for your hair follicles.



You want to know how harmful it is? Well take this then. SLS and paraben are chemicals used in car wash foaming agents. Don’t think. Right now throw away those bottles if you are worried about the health of your hair.

DHT the second enemy of our hair is formed via this hormone called testosterone which is essential in holding up the sexual orientation and characteristics of an individual. DHT causes massive damage to our hair follicles.

These commercial pills tend to reduce DHT throughout the body rather than just be proactive on the scalp where needed to be reduced the most. Reduction of DHT throughout the body may lead to impotency and development of man-boobs!. Now imagine how you would look with man-boobs.



The last and 3rd enemy of our hair which is the sebum is a hormone secreted by the sebaceous glands which are usually irritated by the DHT and the exposure of the scalp to extreme conditions such as heat, consumption of excessive spices. The production of sebum can also be controlled via a set of practices along with micro blood circulation enhancement throughout the scalp.

Itching the scalp is a very bad practice and tends to trigger the hair fall extensively leading to early stage baldness. Itching the scalp excites the sebaceous glands underneath triggering off the production of sebum which is very sticky with the hair follicle.

For any questions, drop me a message in the comments section. Till then, take care of your scalp and see you in my next article!

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