I had fun watching the England team yesterday

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The news says they won 2-1. The news also says Harry Kane scored twice and delivered the win.

Of course, some supporters went overboard like this:

The news does not say many things. It does not say that after 25 minutes of superb passing and a slew of attacks on to the Tunisian goal, they went to sleep at the ground.

The news does not say Lingard had to consult an astrologer probably to be able to shoot towards the goal hereon for the rest of the campaign.

Raheem Stirling ran all over but did not run into desired spaces and so no one could give him passes that he could do anything with. He kept being aimless. He needs a job. Someone provide him one. Southgathe, the coach, of course, took him off and sent him into the dugout to contemplate his sorry self.

Marcus Rashford arrived as his replacement, promptly joined the wall as a free kick was taking place then, stood at the edge of the wall and wasn’t seen since then. If anyone has a clue where he’s gone, do let us know. We will forward the news to the England hotel and they may yet find him walking through Poland, probably, on his way back to England.

The team needs more Fish n Chips and some Tikka Masala takeaway to rejuvenate their campaign. Does Russia have some English pubs too?

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