The Boss of all Dishes

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The craving, sorry the ‘lust’ began way back in 2011. As the bell rang on a Wednesday afternoon, as it glorified the lunch break, a student’s favourite hour of the day, the first thing we did was ask each other if we had enough cash. The minute we did, we considered ourselves worthy enough for the fight. We ran from our classrooms. The battle was on! There was no stopping us. I was never a runner, even going in the lift would leave me famished. But Wednesdays in my school was biriyani day and nobody could stop us from getting first in the line. The competition was cut throat. If you did not come in time, you would find yourself at the back of the line and honestly its a shame. You would rather be naked and there are almost 500 kids outside during the lunch hour. Get my point? No? Well, the point is biriyani was our God and we were his almighty soldiers of the war.

That’s where it all began! A liaison with the devil himself. A trade where we would never mind losing everything. We pondered on one of the seven deadly sins called “LUST”. No! Not greed! or gluttony! Shut up. Anyway, this emotion kind of stuck on. Not long ago I found myself at an all time low. I was buried six feet under and I needed something inspiring to keep myself from crashing down. Yes, I am talking about a breakup. And yes, I may be over reacting. But I decided I needed something small yet powerful to focus on. Something I could possibly achieve and still feel great about myself? Feel me? Right, so that is when I decided I want to try the best biriyani places in Bangalore and share the joy of my newly found checked off item on my bucket list. So from popular demands and comments, here goes my shortlisted version of the best biriyani places to eat in Bangalore.

#1 Sara’s Mum’s Biriyani

Okay, I thought I’d start off with something up close and personal. Her mum makes the best biriyani. Although it is there in abundant, she puts the love in biriyani. Woohoo, Ghar ka Khaana!!

#2 Rahhams Biriyani

Popularly known as Richie Rahhams, they offer the best variety of biriyani. Go from 1-2pm, else you’re going to miss out something really scrumptious. You can find this outlet at Old Airport Road, Frazer Town, Kammanahalli, Cunningham Road and other places too. Just google it. I can’t spoon feed you everything. While you’re at it, try their chicken shawarma and kebabs. Yum is the word!
So, thank you.


#3 Nagarjuna

Okay, wow. This one is an oldie. But still gold. Traditional Andhra flavour and keeps you coming back for more. Anything you eat here is amazing. Even….oh god! How am I going to say this? Uhmm! Even VEGETABLE biriyani (Inner voice: Shut up its pulao). Kidding, add biriyani with any word we will love it! Like Trump Biriyani, Okay no! Forget I even said that. It’s spicy, it’s mouth watering and visiting this place gives you street cred!. Really….!



#4 Meghana Foods

It may not sound fancy, but I suggest you get your judgemental ass down here and try their boneless chicken biriyani. Or even the paneer version is just great, if you’re one of those, uhm!, you know, uhm! Vegetarians. It’s bloody great! Thanks for this suggestion though. It is Andhra food done right!


#5 Anand Dum Biriyani House

The last one on my list is a personal one. Situated in Hoskote this place shells out biriyani like their lives depends on it. All the bikers come here between 6-8 to grab on to the 160 rupees per plate mutton biriyani, which literally gets over in hours. They make over 200 Kg’s of biriyani in a day. It is worth your time, taste buds, life, soul……..did I say life? Well, that too.


The 5 names above are just the one’s I have tried. There were many other suggestions and I’m afraid I could not afford to visit them all. Like literally I went broke!!! But I will mention them here because y’all rich and shit. So let me know how they all went?

1. Imperial Hotel, any outlet.

2. Khazana Food Paradise, try the beef biriyani because beef is heaven (oops, the irony!) and also because it is banned, Oh! you badass!

3. Ambur Biriyani (The real deal, please!) at Star Hotel, Ambur.

4. Desi Firangi, Kormangala

5. Lazeez, Kormangala.

6. Hamsa Biriyani, Shivaji Nagar.

7. Suchitra Biriyani, Old Airport Road. (Go, Women Power!)

So, there you go guys. After gaining all the kilos and hogging up all the grease, I have got to tell you, that no diet plan or workout schedule or all the money in the world could’ve made me this happier.
Six kilos heavier but definitely happier. Next up! Rolls!!! Yes, I am aware I have enough of them on my body I’m talking about the other kind! Woohoo!!!

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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