Ronaldo 1-0 Messi?

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What an outstanding start to this year’s football world cup with the late goals coming off late of Cristiano’s pristine curler to keep them afloat being the second favorites of the group.

Portugal have seen this spree in the recent years as a footballing nation being the defending champions of euro cup 2016. This brings Cristiano much closer to winning this year’s Ballon d’ or. A hat trick against the group favorites in their starting match of the world cup isn’t a matter of joke. On the other hand, Messi had a bad day on his first match against the team which shocked the world 2 years back by snatching a teeth clenching victory against a heavyweight side.

This was the fourth time Messi missed a penalty wearing his international jersey. We all remember the time when he couldn’t win the Copa America for his nation.



That’s the beauty of football. Even the Gods falter at the best of their chances!

DDG’s recent performances have taken the world on a ride. United’s Messiah in disguise as some would love calling him. His last  night’s performance and DDG’s extension contract at Manchester creates this doubt of potential links with the “ Special One”.

Ronaldo on the other hand has walked his nation through a series of success sprees in the recent times. His transformation into a goal scoring machine irrespective of his team is an absolute beauty. That’s pure class.

This is probably his last world cup. Messi might not be playing his last world cup, but a sloppy start could cost Argentina a few loose strings in the due course of the world cup. Iceland gave it all. Their dedication and attitude at defending against one of the best attacks was indeed very detrimental for their upcoming games.



World cup has its own way of telling stories bonding players and nations from all over the world in a very unique way. The 21st world cup has already sown the seeds of uncertainty and thrill among fellow football fans across the globe. Cheer out for your favorite teams in the comment section below!

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