The EVs are taking over, man!

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Okay, here goes. Friend of mine. On phone with his girl friend. All very well to do people. He says, “Yaar, this Audi again needs another repair. Last month, I spent about 40 grand and now they say it would cost about a lakh. Distressing, man!”

I chuckle. In my place, you would too. Why would he, in this day and age of Uber and Ola and all other cab apps, spending so much dough on that kind of a car.

But no, In India, you only have arrived when you spend a mind boggling sum of a petrol guzzler such as that Audi.

No more. The world out there is changing. See this:

What does it essentially tell us?

Governments are concerned enough to take such long ranging actions and the people have to just follow suit. So, guys, stop planning for that petrol guzzler that you may have wished to buy. The cheap EVs are just round the corner. Very soon in showrooms very near you.

In India, Mahindra and Tata are making the right noises. The Japanese and the Koreans are also taking steps. We are nearly there. In fact, tell your family and friends to install that charging station that you will shortly use.


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