Who had the Last Laugh?

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He appeared seriously disgruntled, head down, hands on his hips, contemplating the futility with a shake of his head, before reluctantly advancing towards the dressing room. Yes! I’m talking about Gianluigi Buffon. Someone who made his debut over 20 years ago and has been a role-model and motivator on and off the pitch. Throughout its journey from stardom to darkness and back to the very top, one name remained constant, Gianluigi Buffon.

ZINEDINE ZIDANE: “ Say that again?”



9th July 2006. I was a vibrant kid back then who knew very little about football, but the passion and zeal for the game was overflowing everywhere on and off the pitch. Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi sent him off very early in the game. There were shimmers down the spines.

I started crying seeing Zidane sent off! Just kidding. My grey matter was still processing the basics of the game.

Buffon did have the last laugh on Zidane’s retirement game, but did anyone see karma coming?



Karma is always a bitch you see?

Maybe not on the ground but definitely off the ground wearing suit and trousers.

The Real Madrid supporters erupted, raucously celebrating their team scoring the penalty that saw them through.
A red card isn’t a fitting end to someone’s potentially last Champions League game. The coveted Champions League might not have arrived, but this 40 year-old youngster has surely taught the world a thing or two about passion.

Zidane undoubtedly had the last laugh. Whether it was fair or not is a different ball game but the circumstances were similar you see?

In the end Zidane and Buffon are world cup winners and  true legends. Thank you for your service to the game. Your legacy has indeed secured,a place in football’s pantheon of greats truly inevitable.

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