Baloney or True? Barkha Dutt is coming up with her own English news channel

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The grapevine is hissing. The Lutyens Delhi is whispering. The word is out.

Well it was out before. Actually, in 2017. But no one really cared because she was at the sharp end of public ridicule. And she herself had not fully committed.

First there was the rumors that she would couple up with Raghav Bahl and launch a news channel. Then, she went with The Print for a while. Then, that broke off. Now, she is still doing what’s known as MoJo or a short for Mobile Journalism, don’t know if it really works or not, but she is engaged with that. Then, those columns she does for The Week and Washington Post. Juggling many balls, she is.

Now this.

With the present establishment having spent three years gunning after her and her former employers NDTV, who will muster up the gumption to invest in her now?

We do not know, for sure. They say, a bunch of investors from Delhi and Haryana. Unnamed.

Or is she also joining the “Opinionated News” gang?

On behalf of another National Party??

Your guess is as good as mine.

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