Many things people do for a H1B visa in India!

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Even before I start a tirade, see this tweet:

I encourage you to see the pic once more. Saw it?

Now, let’s examine what do they do in India to get a H1B visa:
a. Get an engineering degree, somehow. If that is beyond possibility or dreams or both, then get a BCA or MCA degree. Both of these are seen by organizations as the sign that a software developer is born and alive.
b. They ensure they are picked up by any software company during college placement. Somehow if they are not, then they speak to HR people of various companies in the IT/ITES sector and engage them in a “gratifying” relationship.
c. They make a passport, quickly.
d. They join the company and ask for an onsite posting. At any price!!

Why do they do this?
a. The parents want it so. They have spent a lot of money on the boy and now it is payback time.
b. The parents ensure payback by asking for a hefty dowry and dowry only gets hefty if the son is going or gone to USA.
c. The parents use a part of the dowry on themselves and the rest on the boy who now builds his material wealth with that money.

Software development is just a by-product, see.

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