Why are MOOCs aligning with colleges for online degrees? Deja vu, man!

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You get it, right, this thing about MOOCs?

Weird, isn’t it?

In 2012, when the first onslaught of MOOCs happened in the educational platforms all over the globe, the idea was about free online education for who needed it. Sharing free education was the name of the game.

So many came riding in to create one of the fastest and the best way of equalizing learning all over the globe. I mean, I myself did a course in Digital Marketing from University of Illinois back then. Just like that. Okay, don’t ask me how I aced the projects given to me. Please. I am an Indian. We don’t talk about how we get the grades.

Then what happened?

Most of the colleges started advertising the PG courses and their eMBA or MA courses through these platforms. Fine. No problem. But what about quality courses for free. Nope. Nada.

Sample this:

Or Sample this:

I can go on. But it generally tells you where all this is going.

2012 was a different idealistic time then. In 6 years, all of them now want to make money through partnerships and courses. Knew that. Only they sort of told that to us very fast.

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