Anthony Bourdain commits suicide and Food isn’t even halfway explored yet

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Here, this came onto my Twitter timeline a short while ago.

What do I say, man!

Here was a colossus who strode the world of Food exploration like none other. A game changer, this man was responsible for many a person knowing food and the way it is consumed in hotels, restaurants, seedy joints, street sides, alleyways, Villages, highways, jungles and islands all over the globe.

He, in his own quirky way, kept telling us to explore food like no other. He cajoled us into believing that everything is good to go in food!

His alcoholic days, his druggie past, his work as a cook, his success as a TV show host, his ideas about food are all a part of the folklore now. We will never see another guy like him – coarse, fun and magic, all in one.

Kitchen Confidential – even the name was kickass!!

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