Neighborhood Restaurants – a necessity for a city to prosper as a Business city

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Neighborhood Restaurants in New York

You are in Mumbai and say you are in BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex for the GK phobic people, you need some breakfast. LOL, you are in the wrong area of the map, bro!

BKC is a business district but it does not have a decent place where a nice breakfast at an affordable middle class price can be got. No, don’t tell me about CCD atop a weird Petrol Pump. Stale sandwiches and stale cupcakes early in the morning. I am talking a nice bakery and a nice egg place. Yes, there is a place below Yuatcha but you will burn a raging hole in your pocket that may even sizzle away the whole of your pants! It’s the same in Malad, in Fort and in many other places around Mumbai business districts.

That’s about Mumbai.

It’s why London and New York will forever be leaders in this business. In New York the first time, I was amazed at the sheer variety of neighborhood restaurants. Few tables, a large counter, great food of various types, usually agreeable coffee and what else would one require? Same in London.

We shall not talk rest of Europe here as I will be ashamed at what we have in India then.

Now, Las Vegas joins in. Though not a business city in that sense, it is getting there and so is the restaurant scene.

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Restaurants can be a notch higher than your usual Manjunath Bakeries and Shiv Sagars and well below your usual KFCs and yet make great money.

Just plan differently!!

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