Ride sharing cycle apps – stranded?

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Just as Yulu starts to take strides in the cycle ride sharing market in Bangalore, news comes along that oBike is halting Singapore Operations.

Of course, they have made arrangements that the cycle rides shall still be possible with the Grab app that’s there for cab sharing and other stuff there but let’s talk about a larger story here:

There are a few objectives that cities and states are worrying about and so regulatory issues are cropping up:
1. Right of way on busy roads
2. Insurance issues
3. Unauthorized padlocking of cycles by users
4. Waylaid cycles all across town creating a social issue

I have seen that happen with Yulu already in Bangalore. People are not responsible enough to leave the cycles at better places. Frankly, the docks and parking zones are just unavailable. It cannot be left to the sidewalks and lamp posts.

Who would step up now? The app founders, the legislatures or the law and order guys?

The jury is out!

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