The OTT world has just expanded that bit more with MX Player acquisition by Times Internet

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Time Internet has made an acquisition. Times Internet did not want to go the hard way and create a complete OTT service for the millennial population and so the have gone after the next best option.

Buy a successful streaming service that has got some premium content and just go big bang straight away.

They have spent Rs. 1000 Crores doing that. They wish to start their streaming service the next quarter.

But the problem is elsewhere. Where is the talent with Times Internet to manage such a platform?

As shown by Netflix, the market leader and increasingly by Amazon Prime too, there has to be a visionary group of Content Executives who will green light new content in India and maybe all over the globe too. Then, there will be those producers who will be required to make those shows and get the best writers on board to really make it happen.

Will Times Internet be able to swing that?

On current performance, that is highly unlikely.

They have an arm called Junglee Pictures in Times Group that, after many hiccups, has been able to produce some films that may be called middle to good cinema but at a tellingly slow pace.

Netflix green lights over 1000 series and shows in a year, at last count.

Will Times Internet be able to match this pace and vision?

Well, let’s see.

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