The Soorma Trailer Review

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Let us see what Soorma is all about!

I always have great expectations from Shaad Ali. He, of the Mani Ratnam School of film making. So, is there a wee bit of Mani here?

No, as you can see, there is nothing that says Mani Ratnam was Shaad’s mentor for a long while.

The initial scenes show a boy being punished for being naughty and not playing hockey well. There is a loving mum. There is a coach who’s glowering and there’s a support system that’s Punjabi and humorous.

There’s also the girl (Taapsee) who is also a hockey player who is probably succeeding faster than the hero Sandeep (Diljeet Dosanjh) and we expect some fireworks between them when the film comes along. For now, there are some nifty one-liners.

There is also a sense of foreboding about the parts post the accident in a train. Hero gets shot by a stray bullet.

The film gets into the maudlin zone of sports films – struggle, win and rejoice. Then, there is the waving Indian flag. All good, but I would have asked for some heavyweight introspective conflict like in, say The Fighter.

But, I guess, the writers want to take the safe route.

And that’s where Hindi cinema seems to suffer the most. Stop short of getting real good!!

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